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Gabriel was born on 1976 in Houilles, France. Later on, the whole family moved to Jaca, a village in northern Spain where he started practicing figure skating. At the age of 14, he decided to try free climbing inspired by the surrounding mountains. He dedicated his life to this sport for more than 15 years, setting routes of 8B+/C (5.13D/5.14A) and competing at regional, national, and international level, winning several prizes along the way. In 2005, he became a Professional Firefighter. Later on, he also became a Certified Street Workout and Calisthenics Trainer.

After watching a contemporary circus show in 2006, Gabriel felt compelled to explore his artistic and creative side within the world of aerial acrobatics. He started practicing aerial silks but quickly moved on to rope and straps.

After taking courses and workshops in Spain for over 3 years, he decided to expand his knowledge. Over the next 4 years, he frequently travelled to Montreal, Canada, to train with instructors and graduates from the renowned École National de Cirque de Montréal (ENC), including Yury Bozyan, Victor Fomine, Véronique Thibeault, Anouk Vallé, and Jonathan Fortin among others. While in Montreal, he completed more than 800 hours of private instruction focusing on technique, conditioning, creativity and artistry, and teaching strategies on both rope and straps.

In 2012, Gabriel created 7WW, the first part of a rope trilogy. It was followed by UFR in 2013 and the final and third piece, REQUIEM, was completed in 2014. All available online in his youtube channel. While he truly enjoyed the fusion of athleticism and art conveyed by his rope performances, Gabriel realized that he wanted to focus on helping aerial acrobats achieve their training goals.

He continued his training for 8 years under the mentorship of Pedro Bergua, one of the most prestigious free climbing instructors in Spain. Gabriel then decided to combine his knowledge of both disciplines to create a unique training system focused on proper execution of aerial acrobatics and aerial calisthenics.

In 2010, Gabriel organized the first “Rodellar Extreme Rope Meeting” at Rodellar Caves, an annual training retreat that has been running successfully since then. In 2017, he founded “The Aerial Movement®”,a new systematic approach for aerial training that includes theory, practice, and a unique methodology that combines biomechanics, programmed training, technique, conditioning, and preparatory exercises with a special focus on progression, development and execution of dynamic, explosive and slow motion movements in aerial acrobatics and aerial calisthenics.

Gabriel has coached students, professionals, performers and instructors all over Europe and North America. He has taught numerous workshops and courses at schools including «Maciva Cirkusz Telep» in Budapest, “Gravity Circus Centre” and “My Aerial Home” in London, “Escola de Circ Rogelio Rivel” in Barcelona, “Fontys Academy of Circus and Performance Art” in Tilburg, “Circomedia” in Bristol, “En Piste” in Montreal, “Scuola Romana di Circo” in Rome, “Aerial Silk Vienna” in Vienna, “Art Revolution” in Pescara, “WITA” in Galatina, and “La Fucina Del Circo” in Torino among others.

He has also been rope and straps instructor at Gravity Circus Centre’s professional program (2015) and Fontys Academy of Circus and Performance Art’s bachelor program (2015, 2016 and 2017).

Gabriel’s motto is:

“It’s not what you do, but how you do it “.