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1. Students who sign up for the masterclass will have access to an exclusive online campus. 15 hours of educational materials that includes:

  • The Aerial Movement® ML1 aerial acrobatics & aerial calisthenics (©) manual in E-BOOK format. (Please note: the workshop and this manual are designed to support and complement each other.)
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  • Videos containing the progression and exercises for the movements covered in the course.
  • Chat for questions and concept clarifications of the subjects included in the course.
  • Additional information.

2. Ten hours of theoretical and practical online training spread over 5 days.

3. To obtain the certificate numbered and endorsed by T.A.M.® (The Aerial Movement®) and F.E.S.W.C. (Spanish Federation of Street Workout and Calisthenics), registered students will need to show their proficiency by passing a 50 question. They will be given 1 hour to complete it.

* Access to the online campus area and the exam will be 3 months.

* If they succeed, they will receive their results via e-mail and the certificate will be sent via e-mail and post as soon as possible. (*)

* With each registration, students are given 3 attempts to pass the test without fee renewal.

* For further details, visit frequently asked questions (FAQs) or contact us at

(*) Sending a copy of the certificate by post will have an additional fee of  €16 for Spain, €25 for other European countries and €30 for the rest of the world.