By the hand of Gabriel Tramullas, the Academy’s approach is to develop a deeper understanding of the basic components of each movement in order to increase our body’s vocabulary and potential. This in turn, to improve the execution of subsequent movement and expands students’ artistic possibilities, moving towards optimizing precise and safe training methods.
Consequently, The Aerial Movement® has created an educational system for both Online and Face-to-face format offering a Certified Masterclass (Level 1 & 2), an International Teacher Training Certification T.A.M.® for Aerial Acrobatics and Aerial Calisthenics (Level 1 & 2), as well as workshops, online training, and specific movements among others. All of this with an exclusive online campus and a unique teaching in the world.

The Aerial Movement® “Academy” has been created after many years of teaching, noticing the need and importance of a progressive learning process based on biomechanics, programmed training, technique, conditioning, and preparatory exercises through theory, practice and methodology for the development of dynamic, explosive and slow motion movements in aerial acrobatics and aerial calisthenics. The aim is to help circus artists, aerial acrobats and calisthenics enthusiasts understand the importance of focusing not on the final trick but on the evolution of the physical process involved. This allows safe execution, avoiding any possible injuries (within the risks of our discipline), stagnation or unwanted results. It helps us attain our goals by developing a solid technique and acquiring full awareness of what happens in our bodies when performing a skill.

The Aerial Movement® is a new systematic training approach for aerial acrobats and aerial calisthenics enthusiasts, both professional and amateur, focused on the progression, development and execution of dynamic, explosive and slow motion movements in aerial disciplines.